About Us

Asfaltar Ltd. was established by the Magro family back in 1986. The company began by manufacturing material for, and providing construction services related to, the local road construction industry. Over the years, Asfaltar’s success has been down to the performance and determination of two generations of the Magro family, who continuously gained relevant experience within the industry in order to better their services to it. 


Over the years, while consistently maintaining leadership in the road construction field, activities were also extended to general construction works. This has certainly proved successful as the company’s portfolio now includes a variety of finished buildings, including an airport. 


In 2006 it was decided that Asfaltar Construction Ltd  would be set up to allow the activities of Asfaltar Ltd  to concentrate on the manufacture of materials and pre-casting. This move was deemed successful and construction is now handled in full by Asfaltar Construction Ltd.


Asfaltar Ltd presently supplies:


  •  Hot asphalt products
  •  Cold asphalt products
  •  Gussasphalt
  •  Ready mixed concrete
  •  Pre-cast elements
  •  Stone Mastic Asphalt 


Asfaltar Construction Ltd. provides the activities as follows:


  •  Earth Movement
  •  Excavation Works
  •  Road Construction
  •  General Building Construction incl. finishing works